7 Things to think about when hiring a Window Washer in Calvert County

7 Things to Think about when hiring a Window Washer in Calvert County

  • Experience
  • User Reviews
  • Quality of the Job
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Nice Personality
  • Hungry for Work
  • Family Mentality

Calvert County Window Cleaning Experience

We have experience cleaning windows. Its all we do now. We did it before moving near calvert county, and that is the focus of our business now.

User Reviews

We are, as of time of publishing, the highest rated window cleaning company in Calvert County. We will make sure you are happy with our work before presenting an invoice.

Quality of the Job

We do good work. Our reputation speaks for itself. Check out our page about Window Cleaning in Calvert County

Licensed and Insured

We are covered in the event of damaging your house, which we never have

Nice Personality

This one seems silly, and perhaps a little self promoting, but we think its important that you get along with the person who comes to your home to do a service like this. We are easy to get along with, and we try to please with not just a good product, but good service as well.

Hungry for Work

We are growing. We have a budding Power Washing business, as well as hiring new employees already experienced with window cleaning. We want to keep these guys busy and happy. We are small enough to remember your name, and now large enough to quickly make up service if we get rained out. We want your business, and We Will Call You Back when you leave a message or fill out our contact form, usually Within 15 Minutes or Less.

Family Mentality

We know your family life is busy. We will come when we say we will come, be out of your house as soon as possible, take our shoes off when we come inside, and treat your house like a home.


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